Surface and Underground Mining

The primary focus of this industry is the extraction, transportation, and processing of coal, ores, and other mined materials. A typical example includes the supply of Longwall systems for underground mining and the provision of transportation systems for surface mining.


The primary focus of this industry is to undertake the comprehensive process associated with the extraction, transportation, and processing of various types of mined materials, including coal, ores, and other raw materials. This industry plays a crucial role in providing raw materials for many sectors, such as energy, metallurgy, construction, and many others.

One typical example of our activities in this industry is the supply of Longwall systems for underground mining. Longwall is an advanced mining system that enables efficient and productive extraction of coal and other minerals from beneath the surface.

In addition to underground mining, our industry also specializes in the delivery of transportation systems for surface mining. These systems are designed to facilitate the transportation of mined material from mining sites to processing or storage locations. This includes conveyor belts, conveyors, loaders, and other equipment, which are key components of the entire mining and processing process.

The company has extensive experience and technical expertise in this industry, allowing us to provide top-notch and reliable systems for mining, transportation, and processing of mined materials to clients worldwide. Our goal is to help our customers achieve maximum efficiency, productivity, and safety in their mining operations.


Equipment Design And Projection

Analysis of operating conditions and the offer of customized equipment are part of the equipment design and projection.

General Repairs

We assess the economic benefit, and based on that, we propose the scope of general repairs of the delivered equipment. Under specific conditions, we also perform repairs on equipment from other suppliers.

Service And Maintenance

We provide warranty and post-warranty servicing and technical support, including equipment installation.


Belt Conveyors

Technology for the transportation of granular materials with low economic and technological demands.


Bulk materials are transported by chain conveyors, which can have an inclination of up to 40°.

Chain Feeders

Technology for material transfer from conveyor systems, conveyors, and equipment.

Scraper Conveyors

The technology used in the extraction of coal and other bulk materials.

Mechanized Reinforcement

Ensuring safety during the extraction of abrasive materials such as coal, salt, or iron ore.


Based in Opava, the Czech Republic, OSTROJ delivers heavy machinery all over the world.

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