Mining Machines and Automation

The technology is based on our company's tradition of conveyor systems. We supply complete automated lines and equipment to increase production and manufacturing efficiency.


These technologies are built upon our rich company history and expertise in the field of conveyor systems, which we have developed over many years in the market. These systems serve as the foundation for our innovations and designs, which are a key element of our offering to industrial customers.

Our main goal is to provide complete automated lines and equipment that bring numerous advantages to manufacturing processes. These systems enable our clients to significantly increase productivity, ultimately leading to faster and more efficient production cycles. Our equipment is designed with a focus on maximum reliability and safety, ensuring that our technologies are an excellent investment solution for businesses of various sizes and industries.

With our extensive experience and innovation, we are capable of tailoring our solutions to the individual needs of each client. This allows us to offer not only standard automated lines but also specially designed equipment that meets the unique requirements of each production.

Overall, our technologies and equipment not only contribute significantly to increased productivity but also to the overall efficiency enhancement of manufacturing processes, providing our clients with a competitive advantage in the market.


Lean Manufacturing

As part of this service, project development and design are conducted to increase production productivity through state-of-the-art software (We use Visual Components, virtual reality simulation, and more).

Equipment maintenance

Warranty and post-warranty equipment maintenance, as well as continuous technical support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Equipment Assembly

Equipment installation at the customer's site and operator training for a smoother start-up.

Consultation Services

Professional consulting for streamlining and improving manufacturing processes.


Packaging Lines

Mechanical equipment and mechanization for packaging departments and production.

Special-Purpose Machines

Custom solutions and specific production often require specialized equipment, which we are happy to design for you.

Material Handling Equipment

Where human strength is insufficient, or there is a need to reduce handling costs, it is advisable to use handling techniques.

Vertical Conveyors

Material can be vertically transported to a height thanks to vertical conveyors.


Turntable conveyor allow for a change in the direction of material flow without changing the direction of the material itself.


For vertical material movement, conveyors can be supplemented with lift technology.

Turnable Transfers

To change the direction of material transport, we most commonly complement conveyors with this technology, a turntable.

Autonomous Transfer Carts

Complexly shaped materials are most commonly transported by autonomous transfer carts.

Conveyors Belt

Conveyors designed primarily for the transportation of rectangular prisms and other materials with longitudinal dimensions.

Chain Conveyors

Mechanization and machinery equipment for the transportation of bulky and heavy loads.

Conveyor Rollers

Technology for both light and demanding conditions, equipment for the transportation of non-standard shaped materials.

Belt Conveyors

Light and heavy operations require conveyor belts with increased durability and non-standard incline of the transport surface.

Modular Belt Conveyors

Mechanization and machine equipment for transporting materials, even in non-standard dimensions.

Assembly Lines

Mechanical equipment and mechanization for production segments are coordinated with both assembly lines operated by workers and robotic devices.


Mechanical equipment and mechanization for production segments that handle product packaging and shipping.

Automated Assembly Lines

Lines increase production capacity, reduce costs, and provide comprehensive solutions in various areas of various businesses.


Based in Opava, the Czech Republic, OSTROJ delivers heavy machinery all over the world.

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