Material Flow Solution for the Furniture Industry.

Furniture industry, in which the company operates, is not typically our standard client, but this contract highlighted the versatility of the range we supply. The experience from a different operation was very valuable for us, and we were pleased to also try out new procedures, which we have additionally incorporated into our other projects.


The initial contact was only an approximate inquiry, as the customer primarily wanted to assess the market. However, it soon became apparent that the project required a more comprehensive solution than just supplying functional conveyors. It was, in fact, a solution that would enable the transportation of materials between machines and packaging systems simultaneously.


We tackled the project to the maximum satisfaction of the client, as is our standard practice. We utilized a solution that we are well acquainted with and applied it again in this case. In order to design the solution as a whole, a designer was involved in the project, followed by engineers who detailed the project into individual components and machines. We made use of standard roller conveyors, hydraulic lifts, transfers, and mobile carts, which we adapted for specific use by the customer. We also addressed questions such as how to simplify material handling for the workers and how to minimize handling times at the machines, among other things.

We created a new layout in collaboration with the customer, based on their requirements that emerged from personal discussions. We designed suitable equipment for each transport node in the facility, taking into account their specific needs. Additionally, we considered the reduction of handling times for machine operators, the simplicity of the conveyor system, and above all, the quality of the equipment.

Conveyors delivered 
Hydraulic lifts with conveyors delivered
Transfer tables delivered
% increase in production output

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