Underground Constructions

We design and implement universal formwork for the construction of road, railway, and metro tunnels, with a focus on concrete work, including accessories.


Our specialization lies in providing formwork and accessories for concrete work, which is a key element for the successful completion of these construction projects.

Our universal formwork is designed with consideration for the diverse needs and requirements of tunnel construction. They are highly flexible and adaptable, allowing construction companies to efficiently and safely create tunnels of various shapes, sizes, and specifications. This formwork is a crucial factor in achieving high-quality and durable concrete structures in tunnel projects.

In addition to the formwork itself, we supply all the necessary accessories essential for the proper execution of concrete work in tunnels.

Our services are based on years of experience and technical expertise in the field of tunnel formwork. Our goal is to assist our clients in achieving excellent results in their construction projects while optimizing costs and construction schedules.


Equipment Design And Projection

The design and projection of equipment take place after an analysis of operational conditions, allowing us to create a custom-tailored equipment proposal.

General Repairs

We assess the economic benefit and based on it, we propose the scope of general repairs of the equipment we have supplied.

Equipment Servicing And Assembly on-site

Part of our services includes warranty and post-warranty servicing and technical support, including equipment installation.


Mobile Scaffolding

Technology enabling the creation of tunnel reinforcement and performing other auxiliary tasks during tunnel construction.

Mobile Formwork for Secondary Tunnel Lining

Mobile formwork is used to create the so-called geometric panelling of the tunnel.


Based in Opava, the Czech Republic, OSTROJ delivers heavy machinery all over the world.

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